Using Project Management Software Across Devices

Anyone who even has a cursory knowledge of the internet knows that there are hundreds of computer and mobile programs out there for just about everything you can think of. From the voice activated assistant on your mobile device to numerous mapping programs to hundreds of messenger apps there are multiple options to help out with any project regardless of size.

Mobile software

Smartphones and tablets are everyone and what better way to monitor and track a project than from your mobile device. While these devices do have some limitations compared to a standard computer they also have several advantages. The primary one being the ability to use them on the go. Managing a project requires being in several places usually all at the same time. With the help of various mobile apps you can travel around as needed and still be in touch with other parts of the project team.

Desktop software

Much like mobile software there are many great options for software to help manage any project. However, unlike the mobile software desktop software tends to be more powerful, contain extra features, or in the case of open source software allow for program development. This can be especially useful for anyone that has even a basic understanding of programming and coding as they can modify these programs to fit their needs exactly. While desktop software does tether you to the computer to use the programs you often get a lot more bang for your buck with this software.


Overall there is a wide array of project management software to assist in the management of many different types of projects. Whether you need software to help track current project progress, provide enhanced communication and file sharing between team members, or to help manage the project all together you have many options to choose from. As mentioned above either using your mobile devices and/or desktop computer to operate these programs depend on your needs both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. When it is all said and done any little help you can get as a project manager can greatly affect the project as a whole. So feel free to look around and see what software is out there to streamline your next or current projects. You never know when they might not only come in handy but be the foundation of the projects you manage. Remember, a project manager is only as good as the resources they have available to them.